Frustrating 40’s

Life in or around 40’s is quite unique. For many, this is the time when you are shaping up new lives as parents, at the same time you are preparing for emotional upheaval as close ones start their final journey. Life goals and ambitions are more realistic and most people are relatively more aware of their professional roadmap. This brings sometime a rare calmness and sometime a feeling of lack of fulfillment, failure and despondency.

As I step into my 40’s I am feel more happy thinking about my past then visualizing my future. The past for me is testimony of keeping a number of promises that I made to myself and my family. The future is a different story. The future is surely not what I had ever visualized. I never expected that I would be so helpless against the suffering of my mother. Agonizingly helpless. Nobody should go through such pain.

The cruel twist of destiny can change things so quickly. And, that highlights the futility of our efforts and planning.

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