Making it clear

I have been on social media for more than a decade. When I created my first blog on blogger in 2004, the word social media was not even existing or may be it was there but surely it was not as popular as it is today. Now, I think I am every social media app that is popular or is worth being on. Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular one and most frequently used on and I check probably more than 10 times a day. But, I have been shying away from putting my opinion on any controversial topics on social media. My posts are very balanced on twitter and sanitized for universal public acceptance. On Facebook, it is all about random photographs of family (recently almost all my posts were about my daughter) and a few funny forwards or videos.

But my timeline on Facebook and Twitter is full of strong opinions and specially from those who have strong political views and hatred towards one or another group/communities/class. On Facebook, these people are someone who I know personally very well and I wonder how come this person be so stupid or bigoted. The sad part is that most of these people think that I am aligned to their belief as I do not do anything to disabuse them of these notions.

This was quite distressing so I decided to become more vocal, proactive and articulate about what I believe and what I stand for. There should be no confusion about this. It might come at some cost in terms of a few pissed off friends (or acquaintances) but this is a small price to pay for.

Now, I am much more vocal and suddenly my Facebook page, which was meant to connect with my friends and relatives, has become more than that. The primary purpose of being on Facebook is still to connect with my friends and family but now I am also using it for highlighting what I believe in.

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