A balanced narrative

It has been more than 2 years since I left watching news on televisions. In fact, I just stopped watching television completely, except some cricket matches’ live telecast. I still do read newspapers sometime but these days reading news means looking at the headline and getting the facts and ditching all the views and opinions that are forced with these facts. There are no newspapers any more but all are now ‘views papers’.

Knowing the truth means that you need to read 3-4 news papers and use your own analysis to understand what might have been the real picture. All newspapers have started this practice of twisting facts to suit their own agenda. There is hardly a balanced narrative. There are errors of omissions, willful negligence, twisted facts and half-baked research to make you believe their version of the story.

Readers are also very happy to chose the version that conform to their world-view. In fact, most people are actively looking to find news that justifies their world-view. This is a sad development in todays era of fake news and malicious forwards. Earlier there was a lack of information but there is now a flood of misinformation. More disturbingly, this is not an organic phenomenon anymore, several entities are proactively working to make sure that objective information does not reach unless it serves their purpose.


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