Shame on us

These days social media seems to be full of hatred and venom for ‘the others’. Others who are not like us.. this categorization can happen on the basis of caste, creed, nationality, gender, geography, language.. etc. Those who are sane and does not want to lose their sanity just ignore that and try to make themselves immune to this hatred by their different measures. This might be giving them a temporary relief but it is causing an immense harm by emboldening those who engage in such an act of hatred mongering.

A couple of days, a clip popped up in my newsfeed. I did not dare to click on that but the heading itself revealed what it was all about. A naked woman was being chased by hundreds of people,  and she was trying her best to save herself. She was accused of being involved in the death of a youth. There was no proof, just rumors, and speculations. But these rumors and speculations were enough to showcase our barbarism and treat a helpless woman in the most horrible way.

This is a story from my home state Bihar. But the story is not different in other places as well. We get outraged by these events but we do nothing. The blame is not only on those who chased the woman but also on those who were just spectators.. those who just pull out their mobiles phones to record the event to make a viral video rather than stopping those hooligans and teaching them a lesson.


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